Audio/visual presentations by Steve Tobus. A bit of time and a decent pair of headphones recommended.

Flackturm (#1), Built by the German army during the second world war as indestructible fortifications, they stand to this day. Abandonded and obtrusive reminders of WWII. This presentation shows the five that stand in Vienna Austria. Graffiti (#2), Vancouver Canada and Vienna Austria are represented here. Car (#3), Automobiles of a bygone era that still ply the streets of Cuba and Uruguay. Sofien Saal (#4), Built in 1826. Used originaly as a steam bath, then concert and dance hall, and by Decca as a recording studio, its final purpose became a disco and party venue. In 2001 a great fire gutted this once elegant structure. These images were taken in 2010 after 9 years of neglect. Auschwitz (#5), Images taken at Auschwitz and Birkenau (Poland). Hoteles Trinidad (#6), An unusual hotel located in the heart of Merida, Mexico. Mexico Museum (#7), Images from amazing archeological finds throughout Mexico. Pickled (#8), Jarred, preserved and displayed for the curious. Prater People (#9), Stumbled upon in an old european amusement park during a quiet winter day.