Destination Photography

Having visited over 40 countries on multiple occasions, Steve has the travel experience to handle the most demanding assignments in order to get the images you need. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the travel industry pertaining to all levels of accommodation, transportation, geographical locations, and budgetary constraints.

Steve has travelled to the following destinations:

() Denotes: number of visits

North America

Canada (base), United States of America (30+), Hawaii (3), Mexico (30+)

Central America/Caribbean

Costa Rica (4), Cuba (6), Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic

South America

Uruguay, Argentina (3), Brazil (2), Chile


Spain (3)/Canary Islands, Croatia, Portugal, France (8), Belgium (4), Netherlands (8), England (2), Germany (4), Switzerland (2), Austria (20+), Poland, Italy (8), Malta (2), Greece (3), Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic (6)

North Africa

Morocco, Tunisia (2), Egypt, Sinai

Asia Minor



Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia (3), Thailand (6), Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, China (2), Vietnam